Ace Remote Project

Global development becomes easy

AceRemoteProject™ is a high-end web-based tool for managing software projects dispersed over several remote teams. The major advantage of this system is fully automated project tracking and data exchange that helps to keep distant teams closely connected throughout the whole project. The product makes it easy to monitor tasks, assign developers, exchange files, schedule important events, perform wise man-power planning for multiple projects and generate automatic reports.

Powerful live communication module offers managers all benefits of voice and video collaboration, thus making the product an unrivaled tool for outsourcing fans. This module gives the possibility to hold meetings, lead trainings and exchange other information online in real time.

For whom?

AceRP is targeted at companies with dynamic project-based structure and extensive amount of daily remote communication.

AceRemoteProject™ suits best:

  • large companies with geographically dispersed offices,
  • SME with several remote offices or significant amount of distantly located partners,
  • companies that actively outsource software development, 3D art or web design.

AceRP is especially efficient for maintaining project management and outsourcing workflow of software and game development companies.

Don't walk to your remote offices – use AceRP!

Current version of the product allows you to:

  • Control remote projects & override risks
  • Monitor remote studios easily
  • Organize task lists
  • Trace staff workload
  • Access your project from anywhere
  • Get daily task reports
  • Store important information for ever

as well as to:

  • Schedule meetings
  • Communicate in groups
  • Use voice and video
  • Share desktop & applications